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About Us

Perception-Shifting Designs. 

Quality Comfort.

Incomparable Prices. 


The Be Where How? Shop has quality affordable apparel & products for spiritual seekers.

Spiritually-themed clothing is either super expensive...

...yes we've seen $30+ for a t-shirt in 2021…

...or trite and out of touch... “Just Be Happy” "Stay Gold" etc etc not to be too judge-y here but it's true. 

We’re trying to be in that sweet spot—people say our designs are witty, and hey it’s pretty tough to beat a $15 shirt.

Why wear high frequency / truth / authenticity messages on your chest? Why not? A lot of people are wearing 'GUCCI' or 'Balenciaga'... what does that represent? 

Why not remind people that 'this form will perish', or share a prayer for the happiness of all beings, or activate some excellent metaphysical energy with the Flower of Life emblazoned on your heart chakra? Be a walking mystic billboard.  



I'm Bob Peck, filmmaker-writer-mystic & podcast creator of Be Where How?: Mystic philosophy made practical. Our name is of course, a joke on the brilliant classic "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass, someone whom so many of us are forever grateful. We’re a new spiritual podcast of conscious creatives discussing mindfulness, metaphysics & nonduality. 


And this shop is what pays our humble production costs & web fees.

I make the designs, built the website, engage with the vendors, and run customer service. (If there’s any issue with your order, email me at!)

We launched the pod in May 2020 and the shirt store in July 2020. My wife Melissa, ever supportive, told me flatly in October: 

Change shirt vendors.

When I pull your BWH? shirt from the drawer I put it back.

I like the design but it’s not comfortable.

So I did.

Now our shirt designs are printed on Bella+Canvas 100% cotton instead of Gildan. She heartily approves now.

These things are s o f t.

We have legitimate five star reviews. Our first several hundred customers have all been super happy.



You can stay plugged in with our work through our YouTube and Instagram. More episodes are coming this year and I’m always working on new (hopefully!) thought-provoking designs. 

Check out our current catalog here

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May all beings be happy and free,

—Bob Peck

1803 Elmira Road, Austin, TX, USA 78721